How can you go about with tattoo removal in Australia?

How can you go about with tattoo removal in Australia?

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Getting a tattoo removal used to be a far more painful and difficult procedure. Before modern technology, people used to use pigeon feces and acids in an attempt to remove tattoos. No, that’s no longer the case. We find out how you can get laser tattoo removal and tattoo removal in Australia.

What is a tattoo removal?

A tattoo removal is where you remove a tattoo from the skin. This could be done through several means, the most common but expensive is a laser removal.

Why do people remove tattoos?

Many people feel the need to remove a tattoo due to what is known as ‘tattoo regret’. About 25% of Americans who have had tattoos subsequently get them removed due to it having long-lasting negative effects on the skin, no longer wanting the tattoo or other reasons. Others claim a new job, direction in life and different preferences and tastes being the main reason behind removing a tattoo.

How do you get tattoo removal?

Most patients tend to opt for a laser removal of the tattoo:

  • This is the ‘golden standard treatment’; a laser is used to mimic a sunray exposure to the tattoo.
  • This breaks down the ink particles that would otherwise take many months or years naturally.
  • The patient’s immune system then naturally fights off the particles as it would do any other kind of illness or ‘invader’
  • Some colors, mainly fluorescent colors like yellows or greens, are more difficult to remove
  • Laser tattoo removal required at least 6-8 visits over a course of 4-8 weeks
  • Changes to the skin can be observed after treatment over a course of 6-12 months
  • The Skin Boutique in Melbourne can provide laser tattoo removal in Australia starting from $49 AUD per visit, and could total up to $875 for all visits. click here !

Other methods of tattoo removal include dermabrasion:

  • This is brushing the top layer of skin to remove the tattoo. Depending on how far the ink has been absorbed, tattoo removal may try and remove deeper levels of skin
  • Dermabrasion may use sandpaper, wire brush or salt crystals to remove the skin, suggested by the name of the procedure ’abrasion’
  • Due to the abrasion, a local anesthetic is required and there is risk of permanent scarring
  • Despite the scarring, if done correctly, this could prove to be a cheaper alternative to laser tattoo removal as it can be $49 AUD in total

Another method of tattoo removal is excision:

  • This is more commonly used for victims of burn scars but can also be applicable to tattoos.
  • It is where a piece of the patient’s skin (unblemished, usually from the back or buttock) is cut off thinly and then applied over the area where the tattoo is.
  • This can be just as expensive as laser tattoo removal, with each session costing between $200-500 AUD


Getting a tattoo removal in Australia was a lengthy and difficult process with few options. Now, though just as painful, it can be far easier. However, it’s not cheap. Consider your options and budget and why you want it removed. Visit this site for more information :


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