Does Home Tattoo Removal Work?

Does Home Tattoo Removal Work?

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If you are looking for an effective home tattoo removal method then you will need to keep looking because I’m afraid you won’t find any form of DIY tattoo removal that will produce the results you need, well at least not on this site. What you will find though is advice that you can trust.

The simple answer to ‘Does Home Tattoo Removal Work?’is NO!

There are many reasons why DIY tattoo removal will not work, to understand why they are futile it’s important to first understand your tattoo as this is what you want to have removed.

We all make mistakes in life, whether it was the petulance of youth or just a bad decision. The fact is you are now left with an unwanted tattoo.

A tattoo artist’s job is to give you a tattoo that will last a lifetime, to do this he must ensure that the tattoo won’t fade. To stop it from fading he places the ink pigment deep into your skin and this is the main reason why home based tattoo removal methods just cannot produce the effective results that are available through surgical tattoo removal methods. check latest news for more details.

For a DIY tattoo removal procedure to be effective it needs to be able to penetrate down to these deep layers of skin. Most of the tattoo removal creams lotions and balms are no more than a topical treatment. Though topical treatments may absorb into the skin they are designed to stay on the surface and because of this they will never penetrate deeply enough to help in the removal of your tattoo and that’s it; that is the only reason that these lotions won’t work for you.

It may sound harsh but the countless tattoo removal balms and creams are effectively the modern version of snake oil, they promised the world but in truth they deliver very little in the way of results and in most cases you will have already bought months’ worth of treatment before you realize how ineffective these methods really are.

Finding reviews of these creams on the Internet is not difficult, however the vast majority of these home tattoo removal reviews are false and they are only there to get you to try and buy these products so the owners of the site can make a commission. In effect they are working off your need to have a tattoo removed.

Of the many varieties of tattoo removal creams on the market today you will find that some do not even list their ingredients on the bottle, of the manufacturers that do list their creams ingredients of which include everything from plant extract to Algae and seaweed extract. Though these are natural ingredients their effectiveness in removing a tattoo has to be highly questionable. Thankfully these are the less damaging ingredients, some manufacturers use a long list of corrosive and abrasive ingredients which have lasting effects on the skin including disuse damage and scarring. Go to for more information.

What may be most worrying of all is that on the date of writing this article the FDA has not approved any one of the many forms of tattoo removal balms that are available on the market today; I believe that this is among the most damming evidence that tattoo removal balm DOES NOT WORK.

You may still think that these creams are cheap and worth trying they are not a 1-off payment and the cost of these treatment kits will soon mount up and it will be months before you realize that you have effectively wasted you money; money that could have been spent on a tattoo removal procedure that does yield results.

I hope I have dispelled some myths, but the fact is that you are still left with an unwanted tattoo, the question now is what are the other forms of DIY tattoo removal and can you produce more effective results?

Do The other Home Tattoo Removal Remedies Work?

The remaining removal methods are all based around the idea of Dermabrasion tattoo removal, please follow the link to find out more.


Dermabrasion can be performed either manually or with a high speed instrument, (electrical sanders have been used, watch the video below). The aim here is to sand or rub away the layers of skin until you finally reach the layer that contains the tattoo pigment. The method is extremely painful and was commonly endured until new tattoo removal methods were introduced. It can however produce results, but this will depend on how deep in your skin the ink pigment is placed and the level of pain you can injure, but the chances of being left with permanent scar tissue are very high. It is also important to remember that you will need multiple treatments, each more painful than the last. It is also inevitable that you will be left with some scars and damage to your skin tissue. This is a cheap form of tattoo removal but should the damage you are doing to your body out way the cost involved in having your tattoo removed?

Saline injections and dermabrasion.

Before the introduction of more reliable forms of tattoo removal, a saline injection was injected into the tattooed area, this begun the process of breaking the tattoo pigment down which helped to make the dermabrasion process more effective. Injecting a saline into your body is not advisable; this should be done by a professional that can properly judge the dosage and also the depth of the tattoo in the skin. DO NOT try this yourself.

If you are looking for an effective remedy for tattoo removal at home, none exist. With all the tattoo removal methods that I have outlined about the downsides outweigh the results and effectiveness of each tattoo removal method. Even if you are desperate to get rid of your unwanted tattoo but surgical methods are too expensive and for many are; but having your tattoo removed surgically either by laser or IPL ( Intense Light pulse) are the only effective removal methods.


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