Welcome to the In The Details Body Art Website. 

First, I want to say that I see the body as a canvas and my painting as just a living, breathing form of art!  I want the people that I paint to be comfortable as well as myself.  It is not about nudity but about art! 

There is a wide range for body art.  If you are a model and want to enhance your portfolio, then there is a wide selection of paints and art for you.  These range from Temporary water-based paints to alcohol based paints or inks, which will stay on the skin and last up to a week if taken care of properly.  The model may also choose Glitter tattoos which are created with acrylic adhesive and a multitude of shades of glitter.  This tattoo may be drawn out or done with real tattoo stencils.  The model can also have the choice of having a “real looking” tattoo done with alcohol paint. 

I market myself not only to models but to those in the advertisement industry.  Corporate uses include album covers, advertising, trade shows, fashion shows, and store openings.  Models can be painted with logos, products, or any other unique image used to attract business.  Body paint could also be used as a form of entertainment by having a live model painted in front of everyone or having bodypaint available to guests in a club setting or private party.  Clubs are great for UV and black light paint, which are also available.

I also market myself to expectant mother’s, who may want a memorable keepsake of their pregnancy.  Some love having a beautiful piece of art on their bellies that reflect something about who they are as a person or a family. 

I also work with several great photographers who do great Budior shoots for women just wanting to do something special and unique for their husbands for Valentine’s Day or their Anniversary.  I have teamed up with a talented hair and makeup artist, and I know the pictures would truly be amazing!  I could either paint on faux lingerie or other unique designs of your choice.

When it comes to body art, there are limitless possibilities on what you can do and achieve!  I would love to come up with a unique design for you!  Please visit me on Model Mayhem #2414074 or e-mail me at ncbeth1@gmail.com  Also, feel free to comment and I will get in touch with you!